Studio Format

Our Studio is based on a Four Session format.  Sessions run for 12 weeks in the fall, 10 weeks in the winter, 9 weeks in the spring and 4 weeks in the summer.   Join us for one or more sessions per year.


Piano – Learn beginning to NYSSMA Level 6 piano technique and repertoire during individual lessons. Ages 6 years – Adult.

Violin  – Learn beginning violin  technique and repertoire!  Ages 7 years – Adult.

Voice – Learn beginning to intermediate voice technique and build an age appropriate repertoire.  Ages 12 years to Adult.

Piano/Voice Combination – Learn beginning voice technique, age appropriate repertoire and basic piano self-accompaniment.  Ages 12 yrs. – Adult.

Semi-Private Lessons*

Little Mozarts – Your child will collaboratively begin to learn the piano with a partner ages 4 to 6 years.   A premiere piano, music and movement program.  It includes singing, moving, writing, keyboard and listening.

Keyboard Friends  – Learn beginning piano technique and repertoire with a partner!  Ages 7 – 12.

Rising Star Singers  – Learn singing basics and beginning choral repertoire in a fun group setting!  Ages 7-12.

Music Classes

Parent/Child Music & Movement  -Experience the joy of music with your child, ages 6 months to 3 1/2 years. Sing, move and play a variety of instruments together to create joyful, bonding music experiences.

Dance Classes

Our Dance Class teachers on currently on maternity leave.  We expect them to return for the 2018 Fall Session.  We’ll keep you posted!


*Two Students



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