Parent/Child Music & Movement

Eight 40 minute Classes offered each Fall, Winter and Spring

Experience with music at a young age can fine-tune the brains auditory system.

From a study supported by Northwestern University, grants from the National Institutes of Health, and the National Science Foundation. April 2007 Nature Neuroscience.

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Parent/Child Music & Movement Class Information

In small groups, parents and children sing, move and play a variety of instruments together and create joyful musical experiences.

  • Observers (6-18 months) – Infants absorb music, babble and respond during classes and at home.
  • Imitators (18-30 months) – Toddlers learn to discriminate when they are matching sounds in class.
  • Experimenters (30-48 months) – Nursery tots use creativity and improvisation during class.

Depending on enrollment, class may be for a single age group or a mixed age group.

Books and Materials – Parent/Child class participants receive weekly song sheets to use at home. Parents may choose to buy instruments just like those we use in class.

Class Description and Guidelines – Orff and Gordon approaches are incorporated in each class along with other leading teaching methodologies that provide sensitive exposure to the language of music and help pave the way for development of musical skills. Parents participate in all activities and focus on their own child during class. Parents gently encourage their child to participate.  Parents treasure their childs accomplishments and don’t compare her/him to another childs rate of development. Parents learn the songs and games during class so they can share them at home with their child.

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  1. Hello
    I have a 1 year old and I would like to find out about your classes. What do you have available on the weekends and or late afternoon or evening?
    Thank you.
    Tracy & Jack

  2. I am interested in signing my 3 year old son up for this class. Can I please get more information about when this class is offered.

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